Tuesday, May 23, 2017


There are so many milk alternatives that all of us should be aware of especially, the protein and calcium that are in these non-dairy milks.

Almond milk - is low in fat and you can even make it at home.  Silk Organic Almond Original contains 60 calories, one gram of protein, 10 daily value for calcium and 2-1/2 grams of fat and 8 grams of carbs.  Almond milk is neither high in protein nor calcium.

Coconut milk - Native Forest Unsweetened Coconut Milk contains 420 calories, 3 grams of protein, and 45 grams of fat.  Does contain trace minerals and no calcium.  Coconut milk is high in fat and calories and not best choice to drink every day, better in Asian-style soups and curries.

Rice milk - is least likely to trigger an allergy.  One cup of Rice Dream Milk has 120 calories, one gram of protein, 30 percent DV for calcium, 2.5  grams of fat and 23 grams of carbs.
Again, low in fat and protein, high in carbs. 

Soy milk - provides more protein than other alternative milks.  Organic Edensoy Extra Original Soymilk contains 130 calories, with 11 grams of protein, 20 percent DV for calcium and 4 grams of fat and 13 grams of carbs. Use a non-GMO product.

The above information came from the May 2017 issue of Natural Awakenings  article by Judith Fertig.  Thank you Ms. Fertig.

I have found only one milk, FairLife, that is ultra-filtered and has 13 grams of protein, 375 mg. of calcium, no lactose and have high milk standards.  Their website is fairlife.com  for more information about their farms.  I do use the non-fat type of milk.

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3. IDENTIFY THE HIGHER YES - Once you are clear about your purpose and your identity and what you value, you have to put a firewall around them.  One of the best practices is to learn to say "No".  This can lead to greater simplicity in our lives.  Part of our challenge is that we want to do it all.   We can do almost anything we want, but we just can't do everything we want.

Every "No" needs to be rooted in a higher "Yes."  The higher "Yes" is your purpose, your values, your core talents and you replenishment cycle.  The "must do's"  of your life.

Saying no to watching Jimmy Fallon could be rooted in the yes of getting up early to exercise the next morning.

Saying no to a business dinner could be rooted in the higher yes of being at your kid's soccer games.

Saying no to a requested meeting could be rooted in the higher yes of needing "think time".

Hans Hoffmann said, "The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak."

Here is my equation for simplicity and note that the order is important"

Clarity + Courage + Calendar = Simplicity

1. Clarity = what matters to you.  What are the things you really value? What are the "must do's" of your life?
2. Courage = the resolve to make change.  Will you have the resolve and discipline to recalibrate your life around that which is most important to you? It takes courage to eliminate the nonessential.

Questions to ask: Are you overextended? Are you spending time and energy on something that's not a core value or priority? Are you doing things simply because it is an expectation from others?  What do you sense you need to stop doing?

3. Calendar = the discipline to execute.
Your calendar will help you become who you want to become.  You calendar can be a bit like a junk drawer.  It can get filled with all sorts of random things that clutter your life.

Let me encourage you to find some time to get alone and reflect on this question:  What would it take for me to move toward a life of greater SIMPLICITY???

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Monday, May 22, 2017


Simplicity, it's a beautiful word, isn't it?  You know simplicity doesn't always feel simple.

You probably have used these words, exhausted, overwhelmed, overscheduled and don't forget 
stressed.  The words of Charles Wagner:  "Amid the confused restlessness of modern life, our 
wearied minds dream of simplicity."  He wrote these words in Paris in 1895, before the invention of the car, the airplane, the television, the computer, the internet or social media.

Simplicity is far more than organizing your closet or cleaning out your garage.  These three steps on the road to simplicity comes from "Lance Witt" who coaches and consults leaders all over the world on how to live from a healthy soul.

1. OWN YOUR LIFE - first step to simplicity is responsibility.  You need to "own" your life.  You have to face the fact that the life you're living is the result of the decisions you've made.  We can't control some circumstances but we do control how we respond to those circumstances.  Dr. Henry Cloud and I love this quote, " You are ridiculously in charge of your life."  Think about this.  Own your stuff and admit that, when it comes to simplicity, you are your own worst enemy. Most of the complexity and clutter in your life is likely your own doing, saying yes too many times, not having healthy boundaries, not knowing your limits, and always trying to please everyone leads to a cluttered life.  You are not the victim.  You are the perpetrator.

2. GET CLEAR ABOUT WHO YOU ARE AND WHO YOU AREN'T - So many voices shape and inform our sense of identity, and that can lead to confusion.  Many times we live life others want us to live and not the life that flows of our own values, priorities, gifts and personality.  Lack of clarity around who you are and what is truly important to you will lead to complexity and clutter.  Think of the scripts that have shaped us and impacted us, we don't have to be held captive by them.

3. IDENTIFY THE HIGHER YES -  To be continued in my next blog.

Thank you Lance Witt in enlightening us on the power of simplicity.

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