Tuesday, July 31, 2018

I AM A GIFT......

I am a gift, no matter what age, no matter what I look,
there's beauty in each stage.

I am a gift, and I promise every day,
when I look in the mirror I'll say, "I am a gift."

I am a gift, I've loved really well,
and every year I've lived has a different tale to tell.

I've made mistakes, have some regrets.

But I promise I'll never forget I am a gift.

There may be times when I forget the truth about me.

When it seems time and youth are just marching on without me.

That's when I might need you to find me, and ever so gently remind me that.

I am a gift, a precious child,
I'm put here on this earth but only for awhile.

So I make this vow and I say it with love,

"I am perfect and whole and enough, and
I am a gift."

Harriet      (thank you, written by Karen Drucker and Karen Taylor-Good)