Monday, April 10, 2017


#1 KEEP METABOLISM HIGH:  You want to keep those metabolic fires burning.  You want to keep your basal metabolic rate as high as possible.  Basal metabolic rate is defined as the rate at which your body burns calories 24 hours a day--even when you are at rest.  Basal metabolic rate high = easier to lose weight and easier to keep it off.

#2 PREVENT LOSS OF MUSCLE MASS:  When you lose muscle, you also dramatically decrease your basal metabolic rate.  That's because muscle burns off calories more rapidly than any other tissue in the body.

#3 TEACH TRUE LIFESTYLE CHANGE:  If you think of a diet as something you have to do until you can go back to living the way you used to live, that weight is just going to come back on.  You've got to make PERMANENT LIFESTYLE CHANGES if you want to keep the weight off.

Information from Dr. Stephen Chaney, do visit his website for more information: www.healthtipsfrom      Harriet -    (313) 928-4592

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Spring is here! The weather hasn't cooperated but that's okay.  It is just weather.
Would you like your spring cleaning to be quicker and easier?  I have just the 

There are 3 products that I am going to talk about that will make your life easier.

Shaklee Basic H3  - Basic G  - Scour Off

Basic H3 can be used as an All-purpose cleaner, dusting, window cleaner and also a

Basic G -  replaces ammonia and chlorox  in your cleaning,  toilet bowl cleanser, can be
                 used in a spray bottle for quick cleanups in kitchen or bathroom, also when
                 you want to clean your cellphone, computer mouse, phones, and electronic

Scour Off - is a scour off cleaner for tub and tile, kitchen sink, ceramic top stoves,  any
                  place that you would normally use a cleanser but scour off has nothing in it
                  that is abrasive.

Your shopping list for cleaning should be as follows:
     wet and dry mops     vacuum cleaner     stepladder/stool     bucket     rubber gloves
     trash bags/paper towels    sponges/scrubbing pads     dusting/cleaning cloths*
*Sam's club has some great cloths in packs of 12 that are excellent cleaning cloths.

Well, you are all set with your cleaning checklist!  My next blog I will talk about your
shopping list.  Earth Day is April 22!  Change to Earth friendly products!  Use Shaklee!
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