Thursday, June 23, 2016


Happiness:  It's a simple word that we all desire.  

This information was from an article by Jonathan Long, CEO, Market Domination Media.  I did add number one so really it is 9 keys to Happiness. Enjoy:      

1. Develop a Great Attitude - It's up to you whether the glass is half full or half empty.

2. Envision the very best - If you want something in life, the first step is to envision it. You will never achieve a goal no matter what you are going after in life: career change, personal relationship, business opportunity or the courage to see those goals happening and believe in yourself.

3. Understand that there is no such thing as perfection - None of us live in a perfect world.  If you think that striving for perfection is so important, you will be running in circles and eventually become disappointed.  Individuals have flaws and business is filled with ups and downs.  So, seek out  GREATNESS, not PERFECTION!!

4. Learn to listen to your gut and heart - We have to make difficult decisions on a daily basis, both in our personal lives and in our heart.  Remember, it is your decisions, not anyone elses.

5. Find your purpose - It is much easier to discover your inner happiness when you get to do something every day for other reasons besides monetary ones.   Many people are happy because they are part of a bigger picture.

6. Surround yourself with other happy people - Relationships in our personal and professional lives fail when there is a toxic individual that is around us.  Someone who makes you smile in your personal life, and build your business with people who are happy is contagious but so is toxicity, so be wise when choosing whom you surround yourself with.

7. Make time for the things and people you love - Time is our most valuable asset, and none of us can buy more of it.  What we can do is be around the things and people we love.  Set aside time for your hobbies and personal escapes that you hold close to your heart.  You will find your inner happiness after releasing your idea that materialistic possessions or the amount of your wealth is the most important.

8. Realize that you are indefinable - There is only one person with the ability to determine what you can do and if you want others to define who you are is just let them.  We all get to define our own existence.  So, take charge and become the person you want to be and happiness will be "beaming" just like mine.

9. Don't point the blame at anyone else - You must have the shoulders to make the necessary changes.  It is not anyone else's responsibility of what is happening in your life.  You are the one who made your choices not anyone else.  You will find inner happiness much sooner  when you 'fess up that you are responsible.

Harriet Cole, re-written -

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Do you like to travel?  Are you one of those people who never needs a good reason to pack your bags?  Here is the reason to hit the road!  Your brain will love it!  

Did you want to know why?  The brain's ability to grow, know as  " PLASTICITY"never stops

 When you take in new sights and information--walking unfamiliar streets, admiring the scenery and listening to and speaking unfamiliar languages--the brain forms new NEURONS and connections.  It literally gets bigger and more vibrant, explains Dr. Paul Nussbaum, PhD, a clinical neuropsychologist and president of the Brain health Center, in Wexford, Pennsyslvania.

You may also get a boost in creativity. Research that looked at fashion executives found that those who had lived abroad created products that were consistently more creative than those produced by their stay-at-home peers.

We know not everyone has the time or the cash or the inclination for exotic vacations.  That's OK.  Your brain will also be happy with a stimulating "STAYCATION."

THE TRICK:  Do ANYTHING that isn't routine.  Go on weekend road trips! Visit that museum you've always been meaning to see.  Introduce yourself to someone whom you've been tempted to talk to but never did.  Get creative to do something new!

If you can travel, go ahead and book those tickets.  Even when the trip is over, you''ll hopefully have photos to remind you of your adventures and memories to share with others. Remembering stimulates the same neurochemistry as the experience itself.  Your brain wants to be stimulated, and reliving your travels is yet another great way to do it.

Now we will wish you Bon Voyage and how about Happy Trails to you!  Your brain needs to be stimulated.  What a great way to do it!  Travel and experience new ideas and new ventures.
Article from BottomoLine Health by Editor,  Rebecca Shannonhouse

Re-written by: Harriet Cole -